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  • Youth performances

    • White & Matisse – the Wonder painter

      White White is the simbol of pureness, perfection, simplicity, peace, the soul, goodwill, the inocence of the childhood. The performance brushes up the happy childhood, make the parents remember of the evergreen childern’s games, for instance: „Hide and Seek”, ˇHare and Hounds”. „Breaking salt” is a game where children can match their physical power,moreover they improve […]

    • 80 days around the World

      The stars and the story of the world-famous child-tale, tell you about eternal human features. The main star is Phillie Fogg, who has positive features, like humanism, honor, the given word are those important features that have to be taught to our children. Set designer: Zsuzsa Molnár Costume designer: Zsófia Varjas Music: montage Narrator: Zoltán Boros Video: Balázs Delbó […]

    • Pinocchio

      It is an eternal tale – (Pinocchio) is about a child’s imagination and freedom, and a symbol of growing up boy at the same time. Master Gepetto with his gifted hands creates a wood-puppet from the brancesh that he had found in front of his house. The puppet becomes a cheerful-faced boy, who is baptised […]

    • Nutcracker

      A magical tale about a little girl’s unfulfilled dream, which takes place on the night of Christmas . In the performance of the Budapest Dance Theatre we can experiance how the dance, the prose, visual effects, the theatre and the sight tightly connect with each other. The show – as the classic version – is […]

    • Mother Holle

      “Once upon a time there was an old lady, who had 2 daughters. One of them was adorable and hard-working, the other was ugly and lazy. The widow loved the ugly and lazy one much more, because she was her real mother. All of the household chores were settled on the other girl, she was […]