BPDT Elite Training Program provides participants with a unique opportunity to train as versatile and multi-disciplinary dancers, working and training alongside with Budapest Dance Theatre, one of the leading dance companies in Hungary.

The program’s faculty is composed of some of the best choreographers and dance teachers in Hungary and worldwide. Alongside dance techniques, participants will explore the rich repertoire of BPDT, which has been built up with work from internationally well-known choreographers such as Földi Béla (Hungary)  Raza Hammadi (Paris, Vichy), Krisztina de Chatel (Amsterdam), Bruce Taylor (Paris), Amir Kolben (Jerusalem), Joseph Tmim (Tel-Aviv), Neel Verdoorn (Amsterdam), Lorand Zachar (Rotterdam), Glenn van der Hoff (Hague), Marie-Laure Bedel-Tarneaud (Limoges), Gustavo Ramirez Sansano (San Fulgencio, Spain), Jiri Pokorny ( The Netherlands- NDT).

The company has significant educational activity as well. The regular training of the dancers are held by the qualified standard of the Budapest Dance Theatre.The versatile training involves classical ballet, european modern,contact, release and contemporary techniques and repertoire classes. We also have Student Exchange Program with Ivanson Center (Munchen), and Ballet Jazz Art (Paris).

During the year, the participants have the chance to take part in Courses of Raza Hammadi (FR), Joseph Tmim (ISR) Lorand Zachar (HUN), Peter Juhasz (HUN), Neel Verdoorn (NL), Michael Kropf (AUT) etc. The Program includes performances as well, from the repertoire of the Budapest Dance Theatre.

Working side by side with BPDT in repertoire rehearsals, students will gain an insight to the working environment of a professional company as well as have the opportunity to explore and work on their own creative ideas. At the end of the Program participants recieve a Certificate, they have fullfilled the Program.

What are the advantages of spending your training time in Hungary? First of all you can not only work together with professionals but can also learn from the above mentioned famous teachers and choreographers. Furthermore the cost of living in Hungary is much cheaper than in the other cities in Western Europe.

For instance:
- living alone in the capital can cost approximately 100.000 HUF(300 Euro) plus the cost of food (approx + 10.000 HUF(30 Euro)/ month)
- you can have shared apartments also in the center approx. for 75,000  HUF (250 Euro) with food, transportation, and internet in the center of Budapest
If the participant needs, we can help finding apartment via internet. Approx. 180 EUR / month can find apartment in Budapest.

The Elit Training Program will be held in Budapest at the home of Budapest Dance Theater. 15 Koppany Street, in the 9th. district, Budapest 1097.

The BPDT’s Elite Training Program is 10 months long of intensive training over the period of a year, and optional participation in the International summer intensive dance course organized by BPDT towards the end of the program.

The Program runs from September till June. The Program includes 10 months intensive training, Studio Presentation , one ticket to the premiere of BPDT’s new production which is displayed at the National Dance Theatre.
Students must be able to commit to all weeks of the course.
The Program consists of the classes from Monday to Friday, 4 hours each day.
3 weeks intensive summer workshop (optional)

Applicants must be over 18 years old by 5th September 2016. The course is suitable for school leavers, students and experienced performers, dancers aiming to continue their professional development. (Applicants must be able to commit to all weeks of the Program.)
Applicatnts must have had every day trainings previously, to be able to fullfill the classes both phisicaly and mentaly.

For European Union members: The supporting fee of the BPDT Elite Training Program is 1500 Euro/ Semester. The Program contains 2 semesters a year. Fees have to be paid in two instalments at the beginning of September and at the beginning of February, which are non-refundables.

For non- European Union members:
The supporting fee of the Program is 3000 euros, which includes 10 months of intensive training, which has to be paid int he beginning of September.

Application Process:
The audition for BPDT’s Elit Training Program 2016/17 is an OPEN audition. It will be held by video audition.

Deadline of the application: 29th of May 2016.
To apply for the BPDT Elite Training Program’s audition please send your CV, a motivation letter, a photo of yourself and your dance video to info@budapestdancetheatre.hu.

We welcome you to join the colourful Hungarian dance scene!

Contact info: