The stage-opportunity is waiting for you!
Depo studio offers a new program again, but this time you can not only participate as an audience, but you can also show your talent on stage. We are inviting dancers, ex-dancers and also the future generation of dancers to our stage. You have the opportunity to present solos in this evening, but not in a performance form, rather in a more interactive manner, where artists can dance one after the other to show the way the rising of their adrenalin level. The style is indefinite too, just to give you the chance to choose the best form to represent yourselves.

The cosy and intimate athmosphere is guaranteed in depo studio again, as you might already experienced it at the previous programmes. We would also like to state that it is not a competition, and noone would give negative feedback on your work, it’s only a great opportunity for introducing yourselves. We are waiting for participants for this new project. Please send your application to
For participants the entry for this evening is free.