DanceTrend 2017.

On the 3rd of March at 19:00 SEC by Lorand Zachar will be presented in Erkel Theatre in the organisation of the Hungarian State Opera.

The eternal mysteries of birth and death bring up unanswered questions. We are parts of death even at the moment of our conception by sinking in the inevitable maelstrom of time towards our destiny. Under normal circumstances there is no reason that could explain, or will that could affect these processes. Our lives and our deaths are not our decisions.

So there might be an enormous mass of knowledge, an infinite thought which, in a world of its own creation, organises the physical necessity or needlessness of our individual existence. We might be fragments, thought carriers of a gigantic intelligence incomprehensible for us human beings, who expand the frontiers of the universe with more and more experiences.

At the end of our physical existence we see the complete film of our lives. Perhaps this is the moment which is really important for our Creator, the gigantic consciousness; because it is at this point that we transmit all the experiences of a lifetime towards it as the last spark of our final thought.

Choreographer: Lóránd Zachár