Choreography: Francesca Selva

Director and Light Designer: Marcello Valassina
Dancers: Maria Vittoria Feltre, Luca Zanni
Manager: Claudio Cadario
Duration: 60 minutes

Co-production: Theatre du Centre – Festival AvignonOFF 2014
With the support of: MiBACT – Ministry of Cultural Heritage and Activities and Tourism and Tuscany Region

“C’est danse, physique, (…): ne mourrez pas idiot, ne manquez pas la dernière création de la compagnie italienne de Francesca Selva.”

Jean Yves Bertrand

The truth, please, on love. Strong, intense, sometimes fierce, but lived deeply, tormented by inner loneliness, Amore Amaro tells the fear of the end which itself becomes already ‘end. Tells the sense of loss and inability to communicate. The heart of the lovers protagonists on the scene is overwhelmed by the relentless rhythm of a daily routine. A love that ends almost out of boredom. A common history, that leaves a bitter taste and a sense of defeat.

Tickets are available on the spot (1097 Bp, Koppány street 15.)
+ 36 1 283 4892

Dancer’s : 1500 HUF
Normal: 2500 HUF

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