This performance is a vision of man struggling to roll past imbalances back and forth like Sisyphus. And even though his great energy drives it to the edge of the abyss again and again, there he sees his effort come to nothing every time… – and he continues to search for his lost balance, now till the end of times.

Our performance revolves around the ancient opposites of balance and imbalance, the forces of good and evil, Ying and Yang. It examines proportions, scans energies – energies that are constructive and destructive at the same time.

We believe that our aspiration for balance functions in us similarly to some kind of code programmed into us, rather than conscious action. We are driven by a recognition that originates from neither intellectual nor meditational activity, towards the achievement of a balanced situation. It is very much like the precursor wind of the sensation that we generally call peace of mind, the condition of happiness.

Dance is nothing else than rhythm and harmony, meaning the constant aspiration for balance – the beauty of which is proven by the existence of ‘off balance’. However, if we identify the ‘off balance’ state with evil and consequently we call the ‘balance’ state good, we become the victims of self-deception and our existence is lost in static nothingness. After all, in a world where everything that lives also moves, and breathing itself is built on the mechanism of motion, motionlessness can easily become a symbol of death.

Premiere: 2016.09.29. MOM Cultural Centre 19:00

Performed by: Budapest Dance Theatre
Music: Krisztina Dányi
Dramaturge: Anna Vécsei
Choreography: Alexandra Sághy
Artistic Director: Béla Földi