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  • Director

    Béla Földi

     _Béla portré


    Date of Birth: 14th of July 1958. Budapest

    1978-1985 Jeszenszky Endre
    1985-1990 Raza Hammadi, Paris

    Foreign experiences:
    1986. summer- Munich (West Side Story)
    1986-87 Vienna, Carlos Orta (limone course), Milton Mayers (horton technique), Bruce Taylor (modern course)
    1987. summer- Munich (West Side Story)
    1987-89. Italy: Florence, Modena, Bologna teaching

    Professional carrier:
    1991. Establishing of the Budapest Dance Theatre (Artistic Director, Choreographer: Béla Földi) 1992. Dance Teacher: the mixture of classical ballet, limon, art jazz of Raza Hammadi)
    1998. Dance teacher of the Oktogon Dance Center
    1999. Budapest Dance Theatre won the Europa’s Prize
    2001. Béla Földi received the silver grade of the Hungarian Repiblican MeridCross
    2002. Béla Földi received the Harangozó Gyula prize
    2004. National Dance Theatre Dance Festival: Audience prize
    2004. Hungarian Dance Academy: Dancer department
    2011. Award for Dance Education and Dance Science – prize of the Association of Hungarian Dance Artists
    2017. The season’s best creator award – prize of the Association of Hungarian Dance Artists

    1991. Spanish Day
    1994. Travellings
    1995. Jazz Caffe
    1996. Faces
    1997. Pictures of an exhibition
    1998. Memories in a mirror
    1999. Snow White
    2000. Fragments, I am Sorry
    2001. Jazz Sect, Decade
    2002. Blue rapsody, Mother Holle
    2003. Prince, created from a wood, Visual notes
    2004. Nutcracker, Take it easy
    2005. Lombic Project, Gershwin- The rythm of blood, Hommáge á Bach, Alice in Wonderland
    2006. Shortcut, Mediterranean, Pinocchio
    2007. The Time
    2008. Choreograper’s Confessions, Tales of King Mathias
    2010. Chocolate
    2011. Imagine
    2014. My Daughter, Anne Frank
    2015. White
    2016. – Daphnis & Chloé, Ride of the Valkyries – coproduction
              – Martian Chronicles – coproduction with the Hungarian State Opera and the Solaris rock band
              – László Tihanyi – Béla Földi: Red Glow
              – One hundres years of Solitude: in cooperation with László Gálffi, Kossuth-prize winner actor, Artist of Merit and Éva Kerekes, Jászai-prize winner actress, Artist of Merit

    - Imagine, blues

    2017. – Teaming of the Shrew

    2018. -Footsteps


    Other released pieces:
    Amir Kolben- GisL-2 (2003)
    Gyula Berger- Blue (2000)
    Attila Egerházi: Home (1991)
    Requiem for the youth (1993)
    Four Seasons (1997)
    Apollos and a couple of Venuses (1998)
    White Lotuses (2001)
    Pál Frenák: Triplex (2000)
    Glenn van der Hoff: Wedding/ Funeral (1999)
    Wave laboratory (2002)
    Tamás Juronics: Nothing and Never (2001)
    Kristina de Chatel: Earth (2004)
    Ildikó Mándi: Ego (2003)
    Marie-Laure Tarneaud: Vache-ment Danse (1999)
    Iván Markó: Bolero (1995)
    Neel Verdoorn: In the line (1997)
    The time of the fiddle (2001)
    Raza Hammadi: Bronte sisters (1992)
    Archipel (1993)
    Blues story (1996)
    An afternoon of a Faun (1996)
    Chessplayer (1998)
    The noises of the Savanna (1999)
    Defend yourself! (2000)
    European (2000)
    Séan Curran: Saxophone dances (2002)
    Vassili Sulich: Mantodea(1998)
    Lóránd Zachár: SEC (2012.)
    Raza Hammadi: Stravinsky Inspirations (2013.)
    Péter Juhász: Boundless (2014.)
    Robert North: Matisse (2015.)

    Jiri Pokorny: Gloomy latitudes(2016)

    Jiri Pokorny: Doze (2016)

    Sághy Alexandra: Balance 2016

    Fernando Troya: The animal that takes you – 2017

    Robert North: Entre dos Agues (2017)

    Sághy Alexandra: Three sisiters (2018)