25th Anniversary Gala

Budapest Dance Theatre was founded in 1991 by director, Béla Földi.

Since then Budapest Dance Theatre has presented several choreographies form different choreographers from all over the world.

The Company has participated in various international festivals with great success.

The Company celebrates throughout the whole year its 25th anniversary.

The Martian Chronicles – chor.: Béla Földi has been created alongside with the Hungarian National Ballet and the Solaris Band.

Jiri Pokorny’s work the (choreograper of The Netherland Danse Theatre ) has been release in March 2016 in the Palace of Arts, which will be presented in the same evening with Lornad Zavhar’s Bach Duett. (Palace of arts- 27th of December 2016.)

Budapest Dance Theatre continously gives performances in Hungary and abroad as well. Their headquarter Theatre is the National Dance Theatre.
In the Anniversary Gala Doze and Bolero will be performed.

Organiser: National Dance Theatre

Choreographer: Jiri Pokorny
Light Designer: Loes Schakenbos
Music: Yukari Sawaki

Choreographer: Raza Hammadi

Director: Béla Földi

Supporters: National Dance Theatre, NKA, EMMI, Municipality of Budapest