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  • Adult performances

    • The Three Sisters

      The three sisters Choreographer: Alexandra Sághy Light design: Béla Földi Being locked to our desires…   Fate or three different lifeway? The dreaming of a character or the soul which wants to escape from all of us, who flees from the reality of the everyday life. Dreams, hopes, which are deeds in lack of the […]

    • Borders of Existence

      Borders of Existence “The little bird is circling around on the ground, can’t fly, his wings are drooping, although the clouds and the sky are his desire, his daydreaming brings him back to earth…”(Excerpt: Lóránd Zachár)Our most important judge, our own conscience not only determines whether we do good or bad, but it also sees […]

    • Imagine

      How many times, in different situations we hear the expression during important and less important discussions: “Imagine”. Many times we almost unconsciously, automatically carried out every day duties, our imagination wander entirely elsewhere and dreaming with almost open eyes. But if you do not say “Imagine..”, we are often brooding on the past, a happy […]

    • Entre dos Aguas

      ‘Entre dos Aguas’ is a dynamic and unique flamenco/contemporary dance performance. Deeply analysed rhythm, gesticulation, and the mentality of the elements of different dance cultures merge in this performance. During the performance dubbed with guitar-music, pictures filled with tension and pain follow each other. The beginnings of Andalusian folklore is depicted by the different  scenes. […]

    • Talking about them

      Talking about them, the dancers. What experiences had an impact in them as individuals? Which of those are they willing to share? An exploration of the dancers’ experiences as human beings. Will be looking at them as persons, souls, a past, present and a projection of future, memories… We all have wonderful and challenging things […]

    • One Hundred Years of Solitude

      Referring to our previous success with our play, My Daughter, Anne Frank, we decided to follow the pattern to combine dance with prose on stage in our newest premier One Hundred Years Solitude. “Macondo is rather a state of spirit than a place.” – is defined by Marquez, and which was also predicted by the […]

    • Balance

      This performance is a vision of man struggling to roll past imbalances back and forth like Sisyphus. And even though his great energy drives it to the edge of the abyss again and again, there he sees his effort come to nothing every time… – and he continues to search for his lost balance, now […]

    • Dream keeper

      Doze Hazy stories of our dreams, and our desires in the alertness of a daily life creates a world of constant balancing between these two different states of being. In Doze Jiří shows a world that balances on the edge of sleep. We are not completely immersed in the depths of our sleep, and at […]

    • Doze

      Doze Hazy stories of our dreams, and our desires in the alertness of a daily life creates a world of constant balancing between these two different states of being. In Doze Jiří shows a world that balances on the edge of sleep. We are not completely immersed in the depths of our sleep, and at […]

    • Gloomy Latitudes

      “ Gloomy Latitudes “ portraits a simple ways of being resistant to reality. Finding the escapes to the unknown latitudes of present, past and future in all kinds of different manners. The most prominent one in this work would be an inner speech, intrapersonal communication ( talking to oneself ). This would be the main […]

    • My Daughter, Anne Frank

      “I see the eight of us with our ‘Secret Annexe’ as if we were a little piece of blue heaven, surrounded by heavy black rain clouds. The round, clearly defined spot where we stand is still safe, but the clouds gather more closely about us and the circle which separates us from the approaching danger […]

    • Boundless

      BOUNDLESS was brought into existence by two main research theme: the investigation of boundary, as a double edged phenomenon – security on one side and insecurity on the other side with its endless possibilities- and the exploration of those nonverbal tools that helps evolve individual characters. The infinite freedom beyond our own limits can revive […]

    • Bolero

      Bolero is a classic that has inspired countless choreographers around the world, because it was born for dancing. When listening to Bolero, music is transformed into a visual orgasm in our souls and bodies. This ballet pays homage to all masters of modern dance, in a choreography that lasts until total exhaustion. Choreographer: Raza Hammadi

    • Mur Mur de la Mediterranée

      The Mur mur de la Méditerranée is a work of Raza Hammadi, who is closely linked to the Mediterranean world, as he was born in Tunisia and has been at more Mediterranean festivals as a choreographer. Collaborated among others with the Tunisian National Ballet, and worked in Morocco. In the choreography he gives first place […]

    • Flabbergast

      Flabbergast is the work of the Spanish choreographer Gustavo Ramírez Sansano, originally prepared for Nederlands Dans Theater. Flabbergast is a colorful and dynamic piece, where humorous archetypes present themselves in a single episode. There is a mixture of personalities inspired by Spanish films made during the 50s and 60s. This piece is dedicated to Mr. Ramirez’s […]

    • SEC

      The eternal mysteries of birth and death bring up unanswered questions. We are parts of death even at the moment of our conception by sinking in the inevitable maelstrom of time towards our destiny. Under normal circumstances there is no reason that could explain, or will that could affect these processes. Our lives and our […]

    • Language of Dance

      Language of Dance Gala performance   Each year the memebers of the ELITE Programme, give performances to the audience of repertoire pieces of the Budapest Dance Theatre.   There are also chorepgraphies presented by them, created by the members of the Company.

    • Chocolate

      The bipolar concept of the world and value system has been present in the European cultural tradition for centuries and is still immensely significant to the present day: it has become enmeshed with the history of thought, and so it also has an effect on works of art. The piece entitled Chocolate highlights the male-female […]

    • Stravinsky Inspirations

      From among Stravinsky’s ballet music, The Firebird and The Rite of Spring will be performed by the Budapest Dance Theatre, and also the piece entitled Imagine, which was inspired by Stravinsky’s musical work. Choreographers: Imagine: Béla Földi Rite of Spring: Raza Hammadi Firebird: Lorand Zachar

    • Ravel

      This piece was inspired by the works of Aloysius Bertrand which evoke the mysteries of death on a very wide scale of emotions through imagination, like: faith, unfullfilled love and the the existance of death int he every daily life. Choreograpfers: Marie-Laure Bédel-Tarneaud, Raza Hammadi