This year Budapest Dance Theatre celebrates its 25th anniversary. Budapest Dance Theatre was founded by Béla Földi in 1991.

Budapest Dance Theatre is one of the biggest and most influential contemporary dance companies in Hungary.

The dance style of the group is European Modern Dance which contains high knowledge of classical ballet, contemporary artistic skills and different varieties of modern dance, such as: Limon, Cunningham and Graham techniques. Budapest Dance Theatre brings them in harmony and performs them on stage successfully.

The Company is internationally accepted, and that is prooved by the number of foreign choreographers, we can work with. Such as: Raza Hammadi, Jiri Pokorny, Fernando Troya, Amir Kolben, Krisztina de Châtel, Neel Verdoorn, Joseph Tmim, Séan Curran, Dali Touiti, Vaszilij Sulich, Egerházi Attila, Frenák Pál, Juronics Tamás, Mándy Ildikó, Berger Gyula.

Furthermore, Budapest Dance Theatre go on doing every day trainings, which are led by Béla Földi.